The Hallmark Holiday

I have a very love hate relationship with Valentine's Day. Growing up, my parents and I would always have a three-day celebration: February 13: My Dad's Birthday, February 14: Valentine's Day, and February 15: Lincoln's Birthday. We'd go over the top giving each other those three foot tall cards and bouquets of flowers: red roses for my mom, purple anything for me, and tulips for my dad. 

As I got older and people starting dating, at times I would feel left out not having a boyfriend to celebrate with, but it never really bothered me enough because my parents had more than enough love to go around. And my mom has been known to surprise me with chocolate covered strawberries now and again.

As my boyfriend and I approach our fourth Hallmark holiday together, I find our celebrations to be toned down and more relaxed than most. Neither of us is all for the over-the-top gift giving and extravagant nights out. Dinner and a movie is just fine and the dinner doesn't have to be someplace fancy. Heart-shaped bucket of fried chicken from KFC, anyone? Or what about a heart-shaped pizza? 

So whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day; it really is just another holiday. Don't let the pressures or people around you make you feel like you're missing out on something. Have fun with your family, friends or significant other, and don't forget to buy that discounted candy tomorrow. 

Fun Fact: Jolly Rancher sells pink lemonade flavored heart-shaped lollipops that only hit shelves for Valentine's Day.