Behind The Writer: Why I Write

Writing is more than a hobby. It's something I've done since I knew how to write. Writing is a part of what makes me me

~ To Relax: writing helps me step back from my life and take a break from feeling overwhelmed.
~To Share: I want to share my stories with others, and I want to read others' stories.
~To Have Fun: I enjoy writing whether it's filling a journal or a jotting down a quick thought.
~To Be Creative: writing has endless possibilities from fiction tales to honest reflections.
~To Remember: writing about signification moments in life help me preserve the memories and give me something to look back on fondly.
~To Release: when emotions are at a high or a low, I want to write them out, so I can understand why I felt that way and give myself some much need catharsis.
~To Be Trustworthy: words have meaning and tell a lot about a person and even though they're not as obvious as actions, I trust people's word, and I want them to trust mine.

These are just a few of the reasons why I love to write. What drives you to do what you love?