Is the Future (Dry Shampoo) Foam?

OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam

OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam

How Does It Work?

  1. Shake it up well. The product is similar to a mousse, so to activate it you'll want to shake up the canister before using.
  2. Dispense a ping-pong sized amount into your hand. If you have shorter or longer hair, you can adjust the amount as needed. I have medium-length thick hair, so this size is perfect.
  3. Apply it all over the oily areas (typically the roots), even the layers underneath. You may look ridiculous with a bunch of foam on your head like you just got done having a bubble fight, but don't worry.
  4. Work the product in until its dry. This part takes the longest, but it's the most important step. Massage the foam into your hair as if you're washing it. Try to concentrate the product into the oiliest parts of your hair. This process takes me a good 45 seconds or longer.


The best and first thing I noticed right away was the lack of white residue left behind. Let me tell you, it is amazing how hard it is to find a dry shampoo that won't show up on my dark hair.

There are a couple of tradeoffs with this product. The oils are absorbed, but my hair is left flat on top, which bums me out since the product is supposed to volumize your hair. My hair is also left feeling gritty, not dirty, but rather, more texturized. 

Will this replace my aerosol dry shampoo? For now, yes. I love the OUAI fragrance and it does the job. I wish it left my hair feeling more refreshed and fuller, but that's not a huge deal breaker because my thick hair keeps my hair looking voluminous whether I want it to or not. If you're at all curious about this product, I think you should try it out for yourself. Everyone's hair is different, after all.

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Do you think you'll try out this new dry shampoo foam? Let me know in the comments! I'd also love to know what dry shampoos are your favorite and why!