6 Ways to Make This Summer the Best

Who doesn't love summer? Whether you work, take classes, or have an open schedule, check out these tips to make this summer one to remember!

Plan a Spontaneous Trip

Take it from someone who's learned to branch out and let go of constantly planning trips down to the second. Take a leap and book that flight or take that road trip you've wanted to do for months maybe even years now. You don't have to have a huge budget to go somewhere new. Don't wait this summer; go and explore! I know I'll be doing just that in Bali next week. I'll blog my adventures after I return, so keep an eye out for those posts to come!

Try Something New

Maybe you've wanted to try your hand at a DIY you saw on Pinterest or you want to brush up on your cooking or baking skills? Take these next couple of months and foster your creativity. This is a great chance to get your friends or family involved! 

Spend Time Outdoors

The heat can certainly be overwhelming, especially for those of us that live in Florida, but that doesn't mean you should stay cooped up inside with the AC on high. Spend the day at a park and have a picnic, head to the beach, or take a hike at your nearest state park. The possibilities of outdoor activities are endless. Just make sure to wear sunscreen and bug spray (if mosquitos and pests love you to death like they do me). 

Read a Book or Two

Nothing is more relaxing than curling up with a good book or maybe two or three. Pick a book on your shelf that you've told yourself you would read when you have free time. Don't feel rushed to finish the book in a day or even a week. Take your time and really enjoy every aspect of the book from the plot to the characters. 

Organize Your Home

Who said cleaning was only meant for the springtime? Summer is the perfect time to clean out your closet and bathroom, freeing up space from clothes you haven't worn in months, tossing out old or expired products that are taking up space in your medicine cabinet. Not only will you feel productive, you'll also feel energized and accomplished.

Spend Time With Family & Friends

Lastly, make sure to spend quality time with your friends and family. If you can align your busy schedules, take a trip together or just make a point to be together in some way. My girlfriends and I are taking a trip to DC at the end of summer and I can't wait! I was able to spend time with my family before my mom headed out on her grand RV road trip, and it was just what I needed.  Nothing replaces time spent with the ones you love.

What are your plans for Summer 2017? Share them in the comments!