Four Things You Should Never Apologize For

We're all guilty of it. We're made to feel guilty about nearly everything these days and because of that guilty feeling, our initial response is to apologize. Here are some instances where you should not feel pressured to apologize. As someone who used to constantly apologize for just being myself, I want everyone who reads this to know: you don't have to apologize for your thoughts, feelings or yourself

||Unpopular Opinions + Opinions in General||

We're told we're allowed to have our own opinions, but lately I've noticed if your opinion is different than the mass', then you're automatically in the wrong and should apologize for thinking the way you do. I used to feel the need to apologize for having an opinion that others disagreed with. I wouldn't necessarily say I was wrong or say the other person was wrong because there is no right and wrong when it comes to opinions. Opinions are individualized, and no one has the right to tell you yours is right or wrong, and you do not have the right to tell someone that they are right or wrong. If someone doesn't like your opinion, he or she can move along and say nothing, and same goes for yourself. 


This is really grinds my gears when people apologize for their feelings. A girl likes a boy, but he thinks she's weird, or vice versa, so the girl apologizes for her feelings. Sorry I liked you and I'm sorry for being so weird. Your feelings are your own. Own them. Don't let people put you down or tell you you're not allowed to feel the way you feel. You love a genre of music, tv show or book that someone else finds boring or lame, that's great, that's okay. You feel the way you feel and they feel the way they feel. 

I used to feel like I should apologize for loving as much as I do because maybe it would make me appear too weak or too dependent on those I love. I've been there. I've felt that, I've heard the judgment whether it was directed toward me or others. Never apologize for your feelings. Feelings keep you alive and keep you sane and also insane. Put your heart into everything you feel and go through life remembering no one can keep you from feeling, fully.


Fears are scary and make you anxious. Conquer them if you want, but if you don't want to face them head on or you're not ready to face them, don't feel like you have to be sorry for being afraid of spiders, heights or caterpillars (all real fears of mine). I'm guilty of apologizing to those I'm with because my fears kept me from having fun with others. A fear of heights is a weird fear for me because roller coasters don't scare me, but leaning near balconies or overlooks terrify me to no end. Don't be sorry because you can't join your friends on that incredible zip-line because you're afraid to jump. Tackle your fears on your own terms and surround yourself with people who won't make you feel like a failure or too chicken.   


Whoever makes you feel like you owe them an apology for being different or weird should not be in your life. Our quirks and uniquenesses keep us from all being carbon copies of each other. Maybe you're the black sheep of your family and friends for whatever reason. Embrace what sets you apart from everyone else. You are one in over seven billion people in the world. Never apologize for being you. There will always only be one of you

I'm sure there are more instances where you should not feel pressured to apologize, but these ones were important for me to share with everyone. 

I'd love to hear from you! Comment with your own experiences and advice below :)